16th Amendment Profile

16th Amendment Advisors


  • Founded in 2009,  
  • Employee Owned and Operated
  • SEC – Registered Investment Advisor
  • Roughly $100 mil million under supervision* as of 12/30/2019
  • Strategies: SMAs Long Relative Value 
  • New York, NY 
  • Contact: John Lee (212) 257-2726


Founded by Evan Lamp, Jed McCarthy and John Lee. In 2017, hired Brent Sheehan, Executive Director High Yield Trading, from Morgan Stanley. 100% dedicated to investing in municipal securities. Dedicated expertise in high grade and high yield as well as taxable and socially responsible bonds. Offers Clients proactive and tactical municipal bond management. Founding partners and their families have a significant personal investment in the firm’s proprietary trading strategies. During 2018, the firm bought and sold in excess of $4.4 billion in municipal securities. Firm trades with approximately 72 counterparties. Portfolio Managers collectively have more than 40 years of municipal bond experience

STYLE:  Municipal Fixed Income 

STRATEGY:  Proactive Relative Value 

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE:  After-Tax Current Income and Capital Appreciation through Proactive Management

JED MCCARTHY, Portfolio Manager and Managing Member Founding Partner of Prager, McCarthy & Sealy; Manager of municipal underwriting, sales, trading, and arbitrage.  Responsible for all risk management, bond department administration, and new issue syndication. Previously a Senior Vice President at L.F. Rothschild. Received BA in Economics from Brown University. 

BRENT SHEEHAN, Portfolio Manager Responsible for high yield and taxable trading. Formerly Executive Director at Morgan Stanley responsible for retail high yield and taxable trading.  Formerly Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Formerly financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and UBS. Received BS from University of Scranton.