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Founded in 1969 by Alfred H. Williams, A.H. Williams & Co began as a broker dealer. The firm specialized in fixed income sales, trading and investment banking focusing almost exclusively on tax free municipal bonds. His son Glenn began his investment industry career in 1979 in NYC, later moving to Philadelphia where he became a partner in AHW & Co in 1985 and developed expertise in institutional and proprietary trading. Glenn Williams served as Managing Director of the trading department and Senior Vice President up until and after Commerce Bank NA (now Toronto Dominion) acquired the AHW broker dealer.

In 2002, Glenn Williams left Commerce (TD) and began the process of converting his proprietary trading concepts and philosophy into a program that could be implemented in a registered investment advisory firm. Site: altrius-capital.com

AH Williams & Co employs this expertise in institutional and proprietary trading to create an alternative way to invest in tax free municipal bonds. By using active management and margin accounts clients are able to participate in trades that traditional fixed income managers are not able to replicate without the sale of existing positions. AH Williams & Co separately managed account (SMA) programs are created for individual investors.


President – Glenn Williams:

Glenn A. Williams, President/CEO and lead portfolio manager, has over 35 years of municipal bond industry experience. He is the architect of the firm’s investment strategy adopted from his many years of proprietary trading for investment banks and broker dealers. Prior to his present role, Glenn served as Senior Vice President of Commerce Capital Markets, Inc. a division of Commerce Bank NA (CBH) now TD Bank from 1999-2002. Mr. Williams has worked in a senior trader and executive management role for several firms including: A. Webster Dougherty & CO. Inc., A.H. Williams & Co Inc., Grant Williams LP and Commonwealth Securities

CIO – James Bondelid:

Jim has worked in the investment business since 1979, when he started in the family office of a Forbes 400 individual. Later he worked in trust departments for 1st Interstate, Harris Trust, and PNC Advisors. At Harris, Jim managed and supervised over $2 Billion in fixed income assets. His bond fund scored in first place among its peers over a five year period. He also worked for Legg Mason Investment Counsel. Mr. Bondelid holds a CFA designation.

Portfolio Manager – Nina G. Zotter:

Nina has over 20 years investment experience with NYSE-listed companies in the Philadelphia and Princeton areas. Most recently Nina worked within the insurance industry, with multi-billion dollar portfolios comprising asset allocations across multiple fixed income security types, including corporate, municipal, government, and international issuers, and diversified across multiple sectors, geographies, and risk profiles. Nina’s combined experience with taxable and tax-exempt issuers and various state regulatory regimes gives her a unique perspective on asset allocation, security characteristics, and risk management.

Asset Categories and Strategies

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Core Plus

This program is a hybrid which combines aspects of a traditionally managed laddered portfolio with an active trading strategy. It is focused primarily on generating income with a growth component. Client accounts will be invested with the majority of the portfolio constructed to maximize income. A portion of the portfolio will be available to participate in leveraged active trading. Securities held in this portfolio are generally but not limited to higher coupon with short call features known as “kicker” or “cushion” bonds. These bonds provide additional yield to the investor but trade at a significant premiums above par ($100).

Nexxt Level Total Return Fund

Nexxt Level Total Return Fund LP is an opportunistic municipal bond trading model which seeks to create equity-like returns within the municipal bond market. We utilize proprietary trading strategies honed over decades of institutional experience.

Long standing relationships are key to this process wherein obtaining allocations to optimal deals and best execution are a competitive advantage. The Fund combines a carry trade with leverage of up to 5×1 with active trading in order to amplify income and seeks to produce superior-risk adjusted returns for clients. The Investment Manager, in its discretion, may also employ certain hedging strategies, including, but not limited to, investing Fund assets in U.S. Treasuries, financial futures contracts and options, interest rate swaps, and closed end mutual funds and exchange traded funds.


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Website: ahwilliamsco.com