Gyroscope Profile

Gyroscope Capital Management Group


  • Founded in 2005  
  • Employee Owned and Operated. 
  • CIO & Founder: J. Michael Egan  
  • SEC – Registered Investment Advisor
  • Roughly $300 mil million under supervision* as of 12/30/2019
  • Strategies (Equity Income Sleeve): Dividend Income. Growth & Income, S&P 500 Optimal Sector Weight  

(Low Volatility Sleeve): Large Cap Low Vol, SMID Low Vol, Dynamic Beta

  • Naples, FL 
  • Contact: Michael Egan (239) 219-0555

Our Mission

To provide compelling investment solutions to empower investors and their advisors to effectively manage risk and achieve financial well being.

What We Do

We apply our expertise in options analysis and portfolio management to offer risk-managed portfolios and concentrated stock hedging solutions. Our actively-managed portfolio strategies are designed to provide investors with U.S. equity market exposure while reducing market risk. For investors with substantial concentrated stock positions, we apply decades of experience in structuring option deals in order to provide investors with protection from adverse price movements. By working closely with advisors, we are able to become an integral piece of a client’s portfolio while the advisor remains the main point of contact, which allows us to maintain focus on our core competencies.