Highmore Profile

Highmore Group Advisors


  • Founded in 2012
  • Employee Owned and Operated. 
  • CIO: Brian Altenburg, PhD & Dipak Jogia
  • SEC – Registered Investment Advisor
  • Roughly $2 Bil million under supervision* as of 12/30/2019
  • Strategies: Conservative, Balanced, Growth, Alternative Income
  • New York, NY   
  • Contact: Jon David Willingham (404) 596-8935


Highmore’s mission is to become a leading provider of premium alternative investment solutions to ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional investors with a patient, long-term and global investment outlook.

We believe that earning and maintaining our client’s trust is paramount to the success of our business. Gaining confidence in our team, investment approach and business management acumen is central to productive work. We are confident that a bilateral and reciprocal approach to these relationships will increase the probability of long-term success.


Defensive portfolio positioning remains highly prudent in uncertain markets – and can benefit from material alternative allocations, in our view, given the elevated risk across markets and that bonds are unlikely to sufficiently diversify equity allocations. Yet the same market conditions give rise to a want for liquidity.

To that end, Highmore’s Liquid Alternative Portfolios offer a suite of turnkey daily liquid, low fee, low minimum tools to easily integrate alternatives with existing or new allocations. 

Many investors have been lulled into a false sense of security after a prolonged equity bull market, under-appreciating that the portfolios they think are diversified are, in fact, unduly exposed to equity market risk and vulnerable to capital loss. Meanwhile, many investors are overreaching for yield against a decline in credit quality.

Highmore’s four turnkey portfolio options aim to provide differentiated and complementary risk and style exposures versus traditional investments, whether focused on diversification, return enhancement, and/or current income.

Highmore’s three Risk Targeted Portfolios offer a diversified, risk-tailored focus:  Conservative, Balanced, or Growth

Highmore’s Alternative Income Portfolio offers a current income complement to existing fixed income portfolios, or as a standalone fixed income allocation

Portfolios are available on Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade