NovaPoint Profile

NovaPoint Capital


  • Founded in 2015
  • Employee Owned and Operated. 
  • CIO: Joseph Sroka
  • SEC – Registered Investment Advisor
  • Roughly $200 mil million under supervision* as of 12/30/2019
  • Strategies: Large Cap, Dividend Growth Strategy, SMID
  • Atlanta, GA  
  • Contact: Alan Conner (404) 596-8935

Our investment strategies focus on achieving results over market cycles and avoiding the emotional swings of the markets. This parallels the discipline with which we lead our daily lives. Alan Conner is an endurance athlete and three-time IRONMAN finisher. Joe Sroka, Jeff Wright and Frederick Wright are all former U.S. Army Officers and Rangers.


Our flagship equity strategy is the NovaPoint Dividend Growth Strategy. The Strategy invests in the stocks of companies that have long-term track records of annual dividend increases. The NovaPoint Capital Dividend Growth Strategy seeks to outperform its benchmarks on a total return basis with lower volatility. Research supports that companies which are able to consistently raise their dividends exhibit better enterprise growth, financial stability and stewardship. Investing in these companies should offer greater total return potential with less volatility over market cycles than companies that reduce, eliminate or don’t pay dividends. The Strategy owns 30 to 50 large cap stocks that have consistently raised their dividends for a minimum of five years. Additional fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis factors support investment selection. Covered calls may be utilized to manage volatility and increase returns. The Strategy’s objective is to produce total returns above its benchmark with lower volatility.

Fixed Income

We manage high-quality bond portfolios customized for each clients’ needs. Depending on the type of investment account and tax status, we can utilize government, agency, corporate and municipal bonds.